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Rescue Partners

Animal Luvr's Dream Rescue is a 501(c)3 rescue organization which services Tampa Bay, Florida and the surrounding areas.  Their mission is to save animals who are homeless, abused, abandoned and neglected; and this month we will proudly be donating 30% of all profits to this wonderful organization so they can continue the amazing work that they do.

Founded by Cecilia Nieves, a certified veterinary technician in the Tampa Bay area, she has loved animals since she was a kid.  After having moved to Florida at the age of 12, a friend helped her create her first e-mail address.  Knowing she wanted to work in the veterinary field even then, she wanted her e-mail to reflect her ambition.  Since “AnimalLover” was already taken, she used a creative twist and came up with “AnimalLuvr.”  All these years later, this is now the name of her rescue.

What piqued our interest in this particular rescue was seeing the transformation of a sweet girl named Shenzi.  Shenzi was found as a stray in April of this year, alone and in horrible condition; she likely would not have survived much longer.  She was skin and bones, had open sores all over her body from an advanced skin condition called pemphigus, ear infections and her paws were cracked, blistered and bleeding.  Very clear medical issues aside, she was also terrified of everything and everyone around her.

Now, several months later, Shenzi is unrecognizable.  While she is still being treated for her skin condition, she is doing so much better.  She’s vocal, snuggly, healthy and loves life.  And she is the exact representation of what Animal Luvr’s is all about; to save the critically ill and injured homeless pets.

Shop with us all month long to support this amazing organization.  And to keep up with the work they’re doing, you can follow them on InstagramFacebook or check them out on their website at: