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Rescue Partners


Happy July, FuRRiends!  As we do every month, we've chosen our new rescue partner!  This month we are taking a slightly different route however and are choosing to help an individual pup who has already been through so much and yet uses his platform to spread knowledge, to educate and to advocate for bully breeds and rescue dogs in need everywhere.


Meet Tripod Petey


As a young puppy, Petey was run over by a car.  As he laid by the side of the road, awaiting his impending death... a good samaritan stopped and ultimately saved his life.  She scooped his lifeless and broken little body into her car and rushed him to a veterinarian's office.  And there, they did everything possible to save his life.  He suffered broken ribs, multiple breaks in his tail, a rotated hip, ruptured spinal vertebrae and much more.  As a result of the trauma he endured, he also lost his rear left leg.

Despite his trauma, he never lost his love for people and for life.  Petey is the sweetest dog you might just ever meet in your life.  He loves everyone he meets, has a wonderful temperament and has the perfect disposition for therapy work.  He is also a wonderful ambassador for disabled dogs, bully breeds and for rescue animals in general.  As far as we know, Petey is the only three-legged therapy pittie in all of the United States!  


Unfortunately, because of the injuries he sustained as a puppy, he will need indefinite treatment to manage his chronic pain.  And we want to help this cutie pie as much as we possibly can so he can continue to change hearts and minds, not only about disabled rescue dogs, but about the true and gentle nature that bully breeds possess.  Shop with us all month long and we'll be donating up to 30% of our profits to his care!  Happy Shopping!


To learn more about Petey, you can follow his daily adventures on Instagram at @tripodpetey