About Us

It all started in 2015 after I adopted Cielo, a beautiful pit-bull mix dog who rapidly became my biggest blessing.  Although not much is certain about her past life, the Humane Rescue Alliance knew that at the time I adopted her she was about 3 years old and lived with someone who had abused her.  Her prior owner abandoned her, leaving her on the streets of Washington, D.C., where she was eventually found and brought to the shelter. When I first met her, she had something that looked like cigarette burns on the front of her head. She had also been pregnant. Mostly, however, she was a very shy and scared dog who was suffering from extreme anxiety. Given her history, the shelter wasn’t the best place for her to be.

With the help of an amazing person who fostered Cielo, I was able to adopt her.  Cielo came into my life when I needed her most.  Like Cielo, I was scared and lonely and needed to regain confidence and find happiness again.  Cielo became the therapy I needed to pull through those hard times, she made me smile again and we truly rescued each other.  She also led me to my fiancé Justin and her now brother, Dyno.   Now we all make this #furr_bulous family who is devoted to helping other dogs in need.